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Builder Application
Hello! My Name is Kaleb I've Been Wanting To Be A Builder Ever Since I Started (About A Year Ago) But I Never Knew How So If You Accept Me I'll Be Happy To Accept!
I'm not even on the build team, but i can say that you'll probably want to edit your application. Gneurshkentolopi (Former head builder and at one point, admin) wrote in his post:

"You must include a reason why you want to be a builder, what you hope to bring to the server by becoming one, and what your specialty/specialties in building are/is. Please include the times that you will most likely be online. Two to three images showing off your builds must be included in the application. At least one build has to be on the server, just to prove that you can actually do what you say you can. Other than that, you can format the application in any way you want."

Now, because G is gone, I can't say this is exactly what you have to include. However, i'd suggest following at least some of that, and include images of your builds. It'll help your chances of becoming builder, as it is impossible to tell how good of a builder you are without seeing any of your creations.

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