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Mute Appeal (Discord / In game)
Hello staff and members of Otter Craft, I regret to be coming to you today in this manor. Sadly this is currently the only way that I can hopefully find justice for my case.

Let us begin.

Earlier today I was sadly permanently muted from the server and kicked out of the Discord group.
The reason for these punishments? Me attempting to inform everyone that CamdenFighter16 (with PBreadDoge's help) were disrespecting players (which breaks the 1st rule!) and trying to scam people.
Originally CamdenFighter16 was advertising in chat for a Casino that players could pay money towards, and win back 2x if a piece of gold comes out. CamdenFighter16 said in chat that a player has a 50% chance (or a 50/50) of winning. I went to play the casino because I thought it might be rigged. When I looked in the dispenser, CamdenFighter16 was actually making the odds 11.1% (or 1/9) of winning with 1 gold for 8 pieces of dirt.
I started discussing with CamdenFighter16 in chat, and I told him/her that the casino was rigged. CamdenFighter16 said it was not rigged and PBreadDoge said he played in the casino and had won 2 times. After I explained to them that I looked into the dispenser they both essentially said that it was rigged and that PBreadDoge (Who is nicknamed MafiaPBread) was working with CamdenFighter16. This can be seen in Evidence #1.

Another player continued to argue with them and stayed in the Casino in order to see the truth of what was going on. I was not this player.
Eventually the Admin King (who I actually previously liked, and still do. But I think he/she was a little confused by what was going on.) came online and told the other player to leave. King then asked PBreadDoge if anyone else was doing anything and PBreadDoge said that I had spammed them. King then muted me for spam. This was not only untrue, but it was probably as a result of the fact that I had exposed their casino as being rigged. King then permanently muted me without even giving me a chance to defend myself. I tried to use /helpop. In order to talk to King and explain but he thought I was avoiding a mute. I did not mean to avoid a mute, I was just trying to get help from an Admin. No other players besides King could see that so it was just between us. I stopped using /helop, King left, and I was left muted. I then tried to go on the discord to get help and explain my situation, but was removed from the discord because... Who knows! No one even told me. Probably because I was trying to be unmuted. I think I was removed from the discord by BTL. I personally believe that his actions were uncalled for and very unfair. To be clear, King muted me from the game, but BTL was the one who kicked me out of the discord.

So now I am here. I cannot talk in chat, I cannot talk or even read the discord, while the two players who were disrespecting others just walked away freely.
All I want is my mute to be removed from my record and to be added back to the discord.

Thank you for your time,

This is from a player who in 7+ years has never been banned from a server.
(This can be verified at https://www.mcbans.com/player/Jingle535/ . I have a 10/10 reputation, 0 bans, and have actually banned 14 people before as a staff on a different server.)

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