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Ban Appeal
Hello, Today I was banned on your server for "greifing, being a public nuisance, and arguing with staff ". First off, a little background on me, Im a moderator on other servers myself and even though I might not be a moderator on otter craft, I know how to avoid punishments and publicly conduct myself. Im not sure if you knew, but i was offered to take some wheat from their farm due to my low hunger.  And I'm guessing you assumed I was griefing afterwards, I was put into jail and I questioned a staff member on why I was being imprisoned. This shouldn't have been a public nuisance seeming as I asked a simple question nor arguing with staff. Arguing with a staff member would've included going back-and-forth after my punishment was set out.  Altogether, this punishment was unfair, and I believe an adjustment should be made. Lastly, if you have any proof i would like to see it, im not sure if you guys make punishment logs but all information would be under there. 

I would appreciate it if I got a little feedback on this punishment.

On my servers in which I am a staff member on, we make sure an appeal is andwered within 24 hours or less. Seeming as this appeal has been open for 23 days without a response shows that your staff team clearly doesnt care about reaching eveyone with an issue about their ban. I wont try to appeal again and this server and their staff will have a terrible review from me.

_Chai (T)

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