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I got perm muted for asking an admin King_Letholdus_Baratheon if he read the rules the first time he joined the server (still didn't get answered btw) then my friend (Just_Bre)got muted for stating that being racist isn't illegal then explaining she wasn't racist by the same admin. For the record, I understand that racism isn't tolerated on your server but my friend TheInnocentFool got muted for 24 hours for saying something racist then the day afterwards he got perm banned without reason. I am not the only person who witnessed this if you can get on ask Velaria_ and EmberDragon13 and Just_Bre. For the record, I am NOT racist and just really upset about the admin power abuse on the server.

P.S I only added the part about TheInnocentFool because it was relevant in the conversation at the time of this incident. He appealed to the reports subthread (not read by anyone at time of this appeal)

Have a nice day whoever is reading this.

I also request this ban appeal not to be read by BTL or King_Letholdus_Baratheon because both were involved in the incident and I do not think it would be impartial if they were the ones reading it.

Also, the attachment is the screenshot of the mute for me.

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