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I was permanently muted for talking about trying to help my friend get un-banned. In my option they muted me without reason. I didn't do anything wrong and unfortunately you guys don't know how to give warnings and straight to mute or ban. This honestly sucks because I thought I was gonna have a good time on a server but I see this server isn't fun when you can't talk and hangout with your best friends.  Your staff are doing something called breaking the law and admin abuse. I understand that what my friend said was wrong in many ways but how come I was trying to talk and got permanently muted. This happened earlier today and I was sent to jail and muted for 1 day then it was an unfair punishment, this is the same  situation. I'm sorry if your staff hates my friends and I but when Ember and Verlaine_ were talking about it they didn't get in trouble. So why did we get in trouble so badly? Admin abuse in my mind is wrong in many ways than one and unfortunately you have some admin abusers.Next time let us explain to you instead of muting my friends and I intensely.

(TheinnocentFool,Just_Bre,and Kings_Bratt) (WE ARE VICTIMS) 
Staff typically find it annoying when people ask constantly for their friends to get unbanned. Asking once and getting the answer should be the end of the conversation. I'm guessing you didn't drop it.

I'll have a staff member unmute you, for now.
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