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My Builder Application! (Infested with memes!)
Hello, Ottercraft staff! I'm Taylor! Nice to meet you! Before I start, I want to be fair and say that I am fairly new to your server, but am familiar with the commands, how SMPs work, and so forth. That being said, I still think I would be a good addition to the team. (I sound like Mr. Egotastic over here.) Anyways, let's get to it! The reason I want to be a builder is because I feel like it would be a fun experience for me, and a good way to help out people! I can also be useful, so that's always a plus! I want to bring builds to the server that go above and beyond, by not just doing what I'm told, but expanding beyond that! As for specialties, I love doing theme park rides, but I can do everything else except terraining. Now, let's get to my builds!

This one is something I built on a server with the help of one other person. That doesn't sound good, but I'm including because I did a lot on this build, like the interior, the roof, the pillars, and more! https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/2...nknown.png

I also made Santa's workshop. (I know Santa's not real... Just play along.) Anyways, I think this is a good example of the creativity that can go into these builds. As you can see, we have a conveyor belt that is making presents. To design this, I specifically tried to imagine how they made the presents so that each machine could do things they may do in Santa's workshop, like wrap gifts, check durability, and so forth. Feel free to read the signs to know what they do! Also, in the back, I wanted to include an elf lounge, so I plopped down a couch and some food stuff.

This last one, is, truthfully, one that I'm not very proud of, but I simply didn't have all the materials I wanted. As you can see, it's a statue of a dog head! I think this is a good example of how even abstract art can work in Minecraft! Like I said, I didn't have as many blocks as I wanted, so I resulted in making an abstract. art, but having each part be a different block.

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