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Staff Application
Obviously, we want to know more about you... What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?
My Name is Aquiles You can Prounounce it like the grecko mythology Wink  I am Passionate about becomming at least some form of help towards the ottercraft community

What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?
I would bring great help, by answering all questions brought by new commers.

Why do you want to be part of staff?
I want to have a great connection to the server, the server is a small vibrant community that I never knew existed until now.

What are the times you are usually online?
Monday,TuesDay, Friday,Saturday,Sunday.

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)?
I have been playing minecraft for 2 years, Previously I was head moderator on a another small server, but sadly, the server closed because no one bought ranks.
I have Non Minecraft activities as moderator, in:
Thank You For the support Smile

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