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Admin App... Tdonny!

Name: Ty

Teamspeak: Yes

How old are you? 17

Location: Boise, Idaho

How many hours per day do you play Minecraft? (weekdays) 3-5

How many hours per day do you play Minecraft? (weekends) 6-10

Introduction: Well, my name in the real world is Ty. I'm from Boise and I live with my family. I just started Sophomore year of High School AT a new school, and It's going pretty well considering I do most of my homework during Lunch Period. I have enrolled in the computer programming elective at my school, and I find it quite enjoyable. I am already very experienced with the computer as I've been playing for seven years, so often times I'm helping my peers learn how to code. Playing Minecraft is not the only hobby that I have, although it's arguably my favorite. I also play a lot of football. I play it casually with my friends in the park, but I also play in a league. Last summer I found out that I had broken vertebrae so I stopped playing, but I'm now into creating films and photography Smile!

Why should you be Admin? Throughout my time as a player, I have grown to be both a very experienced and confident staff member. Many of the situations I encounter on a daily basis require the use of the staff-teams tracking plugin, prism. I have become very familiar with this plugin due to its high necessity. I have also become excelled at handling situations involving conflicts between players. Often times, I decided to talk one player out of arguing before I confront the other. This makes calming the argument much easier, as I do not have to get into the middle of the player's actually fighting. After settling the one player, the argument usually dissipates. I then warn both parties, and they usually make up. In theft cases, I try to talk players into resolving the situation diplomatically. Instead of just banning the player, I first ask the player if he would like to see if his items can be returned. Often times, players take a liking to the idea of this and it results in a lot fewer players being banned while people are kept content.

What are your weaknesses? I can be stubborn. In situations that I do not know exactly how to handle I will try to figure it out on my own. This works out for me, but it does limit the efficiency at which I work, which is something I need to fix. I also speak with too much haste. I often will write a few sentences answering a question, and I will have to rephrase as what I said was unclear. This is also something I feel I need to work on.

Please give any other information you might think is useful for us to know: When I used to run a server of my own, many of the same elements of performing as a staff member were present. Ranging from checking logs to resolving conflicts.

I have owned many servers and they have failed to mature due to lack of time, but now that I'm free I can't wait to get back into MC!

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