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GioSunny Builder Application
Hello! My name is Gio, and I would love to be a Builder on Ottercraft!

I have been playing on Ottercraft for quite a while now, and am enjoying every moment. In Minecraft, my favorite thing to do is build. I love to do interior decoration, and build things, including a water cooler I built on the server for funSmile.

My specialties include castles, interior designs, and homes, but I'm really down for anything. 

As far as Redstone goes, It's not my favorite, but I know the basics, but if something needs to be built ill just look on google for help.

On the server, my main project is /warp Atlantis, a huge ocean city built from scratch (even the mountains which took forever.) I would love to continue to build and help to make Ottercraft even more beautiful. One project I would like to do is create a "North Pole".

I hope that you would consider me to be a future builder,
Yours Truly,

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