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Builder Application
Hello! Thank you for your time and consideration. I'm here to apply for a builder position because I've played on this server for a while now (over 17 days, or 400 hours, according to my statistics tab) and I believe we deserve better builds as members and staff alike, no matter what the theme may be. My strengths primarily lie in medieval, rustic, and gothic themes, but I believe the mark of a great builder lies within the range of his talent. The builds I am about to show you are all medieval-themed, simply because I've not seen a need for modern builds thus far on the server. Allow me to preface this by saying some of them have been personalized by their new owners, but the structures have not been significantly changed. 
This was my first house on the server. The location inspired me, so I decided to add a water feature (not shown) on the north side of the home.
This was built for Silent_Walrus_ in Baycrest, which is a small town that MysticMagikarp_ and I founded a while back.  
This is one of my creations in Ellisnar. There are two streets in Ellisnar lined on both sides with creations of mine, and more coming.

Recommendations: lockhole, katiekittycat24, waterhou5e, MysticMagikarp_

I live in the Central Time Zone UTC -6:00, and am mostly online after 4:00 PM going on until 1:00 AM if needed during the week. On the weekends, I'm usually pretty available for longer periods of time, as long as I can communicate with other builders/staff and designate time beforehand to be online.

Thanks again for reading. I look forward to working with the build team in the future.

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