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Staff Application
Things you may want to know about me:

My name is Sean I am 18 years old almost 19 I live in Michigan. I have been playing Minecraft sense Alpha and beta I have owned a few of my own servers and have been staff on multiple others. I am a good people person so if a situation happens I can defuse it and be fair at the same time so know one feels completely wrong unless they were.

Why do I want to be staff or some type of help on your server?

I have been playing OtterCraft for some time now I enjoy being a member of this amazing community and I love the people that are apart of it I would just like to be able to help a little bit more than I already can. It would be a opprtunity to show what I am capable of to help the server to my full extent and I want to put my all into helping the people of OtterCraft, And the other staff be able to give them my ideas and hopefully we can all put our ideas together and be able to work on OtterCraft to make it that much better.

I have come to make friends on OtterCraft and I really do enjoy playing on your server Sid You have done a great job with it and your team is fantastic.  I really would like to be apart of your team at making OtterCraft a better place and a better server in all. Its a small app. 

But thank you for your time Sid and Other staff. Have a good Christmas.
Hoiii Silent! Its me Mystic! HOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Lel!

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