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5 day ban for being a nuisance?
I have just been banned by lockhole for a 5 day period by the admin lockhole, his reason for it was "Being an idiot" and if you ask anyone being banned for 5 days for "Being an Idiot" seems a bit extreme, when a mute could do the same thing(https://gyazo.com/35d3d2cf0037e4e37b777cc26da56aa1

Half way thru writing this i was unbanned and rebanned but this time in was only a 3 day period and the reasoning was "Being Annoying" Again completely unjust and way to much of a punishment(https://gyazo.com/35c32929ba844cd542c71d254a40c6c9

I have now just been unbanned, but i will not take this down as i feel its important and, that before doing anything major like banning admins neeed to seriously consider what there doing to avoid situations like this. 


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