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Builder Application! By GreenGurl
Hey its GreenGurl! I will be telling you guys why i want to be a builder! First, I believe that this server will becoming huge one day! i have been playing for a while now! And i have seen Ellisnar become a wonderful, huge, and amazing town [more like a city] Its amazing to see this place transform to a amzing server! Second i believe that what i can do will help people join the server!!! I am terribly sorry because i dont know how to show you guys what i have built because  I dont know how to put screenshots on here! but i can tell you what i have built

During the summer i spent most of my days playing minecraft on my flat land learning how to build 
i have build a cool survival house that is 2 stories high and has a modern touch to it

I have built a bigger modern house that is 2 stories and has a pool in the front! the pool gives it a nice touch

I have built 2 suburb houses that are kind of the same but a little different! 

I have also built a chicken coop that catches the eggs and puts them in chest

I have also built the Team 10 house, even though i do not watch them 

So, in conclusion i would love and be honored to be a builder! I would love to help bring more people on to the server! 

P.S- i am terribly sorry if there are any mis-spelled words! also i know that it says i am Bigruck but i dont know how to change my name on this but i am GreenGurl! 

Thank You soooo very much!! byyeeee

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