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Staff application
Hello my name is Amani aka xXamaniXx I am 12 years old and I am in middle school I play soccer and I do cross country. I like Minecraft a lot and will play it in my free time most days. I own my own server so I know what it is like to be an Administrator and to help.

         What i will do for the server is help prevent theft and make sure players are following the rules and help out players that need assistance. i'm sure not every administrator can be on every hour so since i play a lot and other people do too then i'm sure that i can be of assistance.

         I want to be a part of the administrator team because I like to help out and make sure people are being fare and that bad is happening. i have also experienced theft so i know how easy it is to get away with theft and to not get caught. so maybe if i am on a lot then i can maybe help out with that. 

         The times that i will be on are pretty much every day throughout the day maybe every hour or so to check on the people on the server to see if any one needs assistance or if someone is being unfair.

          i have been involved in Minecraft since early 2016 and have learned a lot in those years and hopefully enough to help out on the server.

          i am hopeful that i am accepted and i will help out greatly i am sure of that. thank you for considering and have a great day.

Amani (xXammaniXx)

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