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Staff Application
Hello I am Geoff, Also know as BlameTK I am one of 8 siblings me being the oldest, I am 19 and will going to school to be a machinist. I also love welding and working on just about anything and everything. I have been building my own computers since I was about 3 when I got my first system.

I can bring helpful advice and knowledge to the community, I have been running my own servers and modded and vanilla for almost 6 years now. 

I would like to be apart of your staff because I like helping people and knowing that every one is having a good time and there is no bully's or annoying players spamming racists remarks in chat, There is no reason for it.

I can be online anytime I am needed, all day or night, I leave minecraft open on my computer most of the time so I am just a click away, I am also very active in Discord seeing what other people are up to.

I have been playing minecraft for 6 years going on 7, Its really the only game that has captured my attention for more then a month. I have been admin and co-owner on a few other servers, the reason why I am no longer apart of those Servers staff is because the server have been since shut down, As I said I have ran my own private and Public servers for my self and other friends and family.

Thank you for considering my application, Even If I dont get on the team of staff, It wont change anything Ill still be very active in this Awesome growing community we have going.

Thanks ~Geoff

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