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I'm applying for a mod position.  I have experience on Lemur craft (Dem). I seemed to be well liked by players. Many have moved to otter craft. I have been on this server for almost a year. As for age Ill just say I'm an older player. I'm available most days and nights. I like to think I'm quick to learn and eager to help others. I try to always be polite. I'm not very good at applications for this type of thing but I'm more then happy to send u my extended resume. LOL Jk  any other questions feel free to send me a question on discord. (I do have a mod position now however the server isn't open yet)
(needs to be moved to staff applications Tongue)
Moved! Smile
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Hey there, Lillucky!

The application could use a bit of work, but from what I've seen you're an excellent option for the team.

You're polite, smart, reasonable, and get along with everyone.

We'll see how things go once the build team situation settles.
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