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Welcome to-be builders.
WaterHou5e is HB now. Contact him, not me. Smile

I am happy to see you have taken interest in being a builder.
The build team had a lot of flaws, and those were fixed/changed february 21.
Before builders basically had more powers than moderators, with less responsibility.
This cannot happen again.
Let me get one thing clear! If you join the build team in hopes you can use the builder powers
for personal gains, then think again. Builders won't be able to use their special perms outside
of project regions.
With that said, you will gain access to worldedit, creative and fly inside of the project regions.
When a builder leave a project region, they will automatically loose their inventory.
They won't have access to commands like /enderchest while in the region.
Any builder abusing their power will loose their rank immediately.
Now, What do I expect to see in the builder application?
I want to see a medium sized build, with depth and detail, built on the server.
I will in rare occasion accept a build built on another server.
I want to know of your age.
I also expect that you will think of build projects!
Last but not least, tell something about your self, and why you think you will be good to have
on the build team!
(Good tip: Check what others did in their applications and try to follow that.)

Example of a good application. Done by Zeglot.
(02-24-2018, 04:39 PM)Zeglot Wrote: Hello, I'm Zeglot! This is like my 3rd time applying for this Build Team. The first time, no one ever responded and it stayed idle for over 2 moths. The second time, I was in mid application when my computer decided to delete all my progress and kill my mood, so sorry in advance if this seems like I'm in a bad mood.

I've decided to apply for Build Team because a surprising amount of players have begged for me to build for them and told me that I should apply. I build mostly medieval homes, villages, and kingdoms but I also am very handy at a more natural appeal. I have experimented with modern and futuristic styles, but they always lack in detail due to the blocks that are used in the build. I have excellent color pallets and a great choice of blocks for the style of build required or wanted. Due to the lack of knowledge on Threads, I don't know how to post or upload pictures of my previous build, so I'll just add the cords at the bottom of the thread.

Just a few more details about myself for you to get to know me:
  • I am 23 years old.
  • I live in Zanesville, Ohio in the United States.
  • I go to college at Ohio State University Athens and studying for mechanical and electrical engineering.
  • I have brown, curly hair and people jokingly call me Jewish; although, I am not but I am 1/4th black. (I don't take offence to any jokes pointed towards me and I often think positively)
The cords for the example build: X:301708, Y:150, Z:303815
Thank you for your time in examining this application!

Last words: All builder are chosen by me. Non of the other staff have any say in who becomes builder. DON'T ASK THEM. Please only leave one application. If you are not happy with it, delete it and leave a new one, or edit your current one.

- Demendius
Hello im thansam but on the server I'm Demitrov at the moment, I am 14 soon to be 15 in October 2018, I live in Florida(not specifying where) I'm currently homeschooled. I want to be builder because I want to help out the staff and want to really just be a builder. I understand you don't pick everyone and that I've got to give you a good reason to choose me so I just gonna say I'm not an best builder out there but I like to think I pretty good at building. I'm reliable and am on pretty often so I can pretty much be there if I'm needed. My style of building is mostly medieval but I can try to build what I'm asked of.
Thank you for reading
sincerely, thansam

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