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Reupload of Builder Application for Mystikarp
Ok! Hello! Former builder here!
Anyways, I am Mystikarp, or Misty, but my real name is Natasha Fisherman! I am 15 and my brother, who also plays my account, is 12.
I am absolutely in love with architecture and I have about 3 classes on it. With this being said, I am a pretty good builder. I love to work with people and I have a unique build style. I can also build in many other regular build styles including rustic, tudor, medieval, modern and some other styles. I would love to make a huge like Death Star, but it could be near spawn and we could have an otter face on it and a bunch of cool Sci-Fi stuff! I am such a dork and that is why i love it! :3 Anyways, I would be a good 'glue' member of the build team. Sticking many other member's ideas together and making it look good on all projects. If that fails, I'm a good benchwarmer. Learned that in P.E..
Anyways, enough with my crappy humor, just consider me please. i am really good at building and I would love to see myself on the build team!
Thanks for actually reading this jabber if you made it this far in my application. Oh wait, it isn't that long, is it? Oh well. Still longer than my first application back in like july or august or something. I hope I get considered to work on the build team with other talented builders and get to actually do something for the server besides provide some really horrible humor and some perverted jokes! Also, I have lots of time cuz I have no life, so I'm usually pretty active on the server! Anyways! Enough of this jabber, I will always do my best... That sounds cheesy.
I'll just wrap it up and say bye!
Thats simple enough for me.
Just bye! consider me! No! Don't close out!
Enough of this shi- I mean crap. There are children here. Lol JK!
Save me!
Consider me before I type more.
Wait, do you need to see my builds? Oh, Well in that case! BABAM!

Btw, the 2nd one was on the server before reset! And the first one has no windows, I know! At the time of the screenshot, I had only the first wall done, but eh, it still looks ok!
[Image: 7lZaEY_DPdxVGtWszrrWkGIIGgB5FYrrVrWQ-alI...Lj7ZSQS_5S]
[Image: _xppW2vuIBGWqegRNT0eygM0dWwUF4xRm9VvKgU2...YbzAA9UPXk]

[Image: 0YCKT2sPZzEwgGFcUrgl1y1u4dL7bAmJAVGMvoFj...L0moM27v61][Image: oUWc3omv5Nblq5dj2XBTxvT-SA-GoG9DhV8Axmto...tDzdVPg-In][Image: oUWc3omv5Nblq5dj2XBTxvT-SA-GoG9DhV8Axmto...tDzdVPg-In][Image: 1hzZxUf7Lobly5pLoM-3n9ZQ-7bHqeCSRbkIvme6...tULAt2eflx]
Please consider me for the newest member to join the build team! :3
Which one of them is on the server currently? Smile

And please choose one build you want to be judged!
These good enough 4 u?
[Image: Qg1UCtO6h86M08rrbHM00vqpQZWZhJoCkWhelDIO...S3CThSX0u6][Image: ccTwcV9mGwXiFyGFfAQH4DlE2J71BVKS1mcudE2L...1J0XYglbrf][Image: MXBbZJ442O6kaB-M_gxsPbfFOXRAwVxxAlOm6Dtf...YLzTCIg38r][Image: iwzpqhTWmeS_6O0XODz7S-0TB3x2-fL4lISpVmjI...rc4xCzKzQt]

I want you to judge the tower on the right side of the last photo. Smile

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