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Builder application *My new one*
Ok so i improved my building,It may not be as good as others but i will try. Tpa to me please,i cant get my files to work.

I work with Cobble,Wood,Glass,Stone,And anything basically

I am 12 but i have been playing minecraft for about 4 years 

My Irl Name is Cici

I am good with redstone.

I Will not take advantage of my abilities if i earn them.

I like building for other people,not me.
Just leave the coordinations for the build and I will check it out when I have time Smile

Is your in-game name granolacat?
No,Its Eleven aka Dork_thecat
and the coords are 311.919 / 63.00000 / 1244.425
Hello Granolacat/Eleven/Dork_thecat.

You showed me a tower made out of birch logs and wood in game.

The design is very simple, it doesn't have much detail, and has no depth at all.
You should try to build in other styles! Mix it up a bit.

I can send you some links to some good tutorials, if needed!

Keep building and getting better!

Ok,Thanks anyway! I will start looking at some designs and try again later once i have it down,Once again i appreciate your time.

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