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Build Team Application (New)

As a former builder before the reset, I'd like to re-apply for the Builder position.

Build projects so far on the server, such as Solace and, of course, Ellisnar, look great so far, although Solace is a bit crowded. The people working on all of the projects are amazing builders.

I'd like to re-join the build team in order to help develop new builds on the server. It would improve my general sense of building with palettes, and refining my general building style. All in all, it would be a great opportunity to work on bigger projects then I'm used to!

Anyways, builds are attached above, in the form of a collage, as they wouldn't all fit the required space. I don't mind if you'd like to rip on them. All were built for Ellisnar. Coordinates are located above my inventory.
Hello, please choose one build that I can inspect and judge your skills! A medium size build please Smile

Edit: A medium size build is a big house, a ship, really just something of greater size, but not huge!
You're also aware of the new changes to the build team?
You have only worked on cities, and I'm afraid you will only build for them after you join the build team. If you get back on, will you be able to build some of the suggested builds too?
The house in the photo will work, I just had to cut it for issues with the picture save size.
I'm aware of the new changes to the team.
I have more builds if necessary on and not on the server, and when I get back on, I'll gladly work on buildin' some other stuff outside of a city.

Thank you for your insight.
Your builds are very good and you seem humble and ready to rumble! You will get a message by the end of the day, if I don't find anyone better!
You have been accepted as a builder

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