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Builder Information
Welcome builders and those who wanna know how the build team works.

The build team will work with projects that the builders them self suggest.
They will post their project on their board at the buildersHQ. A builder can maximum be engaged in 3 projects at once. A project cannot be a whole town, as that would take up too much time and is hard to follow/organise.

Starting a project

When you as builder wanna start a project, start by placing a sign at your board, like i've done on the picture below

[Image: gphbLjG.png]
The sign at the bottom is the project "description". It states its name, how big the area is, and the coordinates to it!
I, as head builder, would prefer if you had a layout/blueprint of the build ready when you place the sign!

Anyways, next thing you do will be to ask on the discord chat if I can approve of the build, and if yes, then create a builder region for you.

Builder regions

Builder regions are regions where you, as a builder, get access to worldedit and gamemode 1! Be aware though! When you leave the region you loose your items. You cannot access /enderchest in the region, so if you happen to get your items with you in, put them in a chest and ask an admin or me to move the chest outside of the region!

You can play around with the region in the builders HQ. There is a small region in the corner.

[Image: UtTAsFP.jpg]

Suggested board and guidelines

All builders should be able to build in the builderHQ! Feel free to decorate the place to your liking. Do not "destroy" the place though.
Anyway. The suggested board are builds that are suggested by the builders. Please, if you get ideas, place them there. One corner will also, in time, hold a player suggestions. The guidelines are put up by me! If you feel like they are unfair, or if you have ideas to other guidelines, please ask the whole build team, and the build team will vote about it.

[Image: NiJbCwq.png]
[Image: MCwvyol.png]

How to get your build approved

Have in mind, we build for the community. So the only rule is, a build will be approved if it of use for more than one player/makes more than one player happy.

All the other things are guidelines, that will make me approve them faster. Else I will ask question about it before I approve.

 1. Have a layout/blueprint ready. Reason for this is, it is easier for you, as project leader, to assign builders to the different parts of the build if you have a blueprint.

 2. Ask the build team to help you. We are a team, and it would be better if we worked together!

 3. Have less than 3 projects going at a time. This is also a semi rule! The project gotta be really good for it to be built, if you have more than 3 projects going. Reason is that it is easier to organise.

Personal projects

Every time you finish two projects, you are allowed to make one for your self! The reason this rule is in place, is because the builders also have to gain some kind of perks for being on the team, but also to make sure all projects a builder makes isn't personal.

What will maybe be implemented in the future:

 - Swapping out the most inactive builders each month. Reason is that we want the build team to have active builders in them, and try to give new applications a chance. The inactivity will not be judged upon how many projects a builder finishes, but how much they build.

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