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Vote Link Rewards
I voted 4 times earlier today and didn't receive rewards on the 3rd and 4th link I used. I can't say which links I'd used since I picked at random and my browser history doesn't display the vote sites. 

After not receiving any replies in chat about this being a common issue or known issue, I registered on the forums to report it. It is easy to replicate this issue by just going through the vote links again and seeing which don't process correctly into rewarding the player. 

My inventory was not full either, I had over half my inventory empty and kept the vote site open after it confirmed I had voted to see if that was the issue.
Thanks for the report.

I'm aware of one of the links being unfunctional... It doesn't even allow you to vote.

Didn't think anything else was wrong. I'll look into this when I have time.
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