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March 23rd PVP Tournament - Server Wide Event
Hey all, based off of previous suggestions...

We will be hosting our first PVP tournament on Friday night, March 23rd around 7PM EST.

The bracket will be a simple winner-continues-to-fight-winner style. Once you lose, you're out for good.

1st place: MVP.
2nd place: Vip+
3rd place: Vip

Your reward can be given to a friend if you already have a rank...

How does it work?

The form to enter will be open all the way up to Thursday night, and will be cut off at 12AM EST.

The players in the bracket will be given a time in which they are expected to fight via a spreadsheet that will be provided later via our Discord.

Players that don't show up during their fight time will be an automatic forfeit.

Keep up to date within our discord server #pvp.

Best of luck to those who enter.

[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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