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March 29th BoatJoust Competition Information
Hello everyone, our last event went terrific!

Here's what you need to know about our next one...

On the 29th(Friday), at 6PM EST we will begin our first BoatJoust competition.

Players will be paired in teams of two, and fight other teams to the death(of the boat), in a bracket style competition until a single team is claimed victorious.

The boatjoust arena used for the event can be seen/used for practice in the meantime via /warp boatjoust.

How Have We Improved(since the last event)?
To avoid the "Billy" issues we had during out last event we will allow sign up all week, and require a 30 minute "check-in"(stay tuned for this and other important announcements via discord).

With the 30 minute heads up, we will be able to easily remove all of the Billy's and rank players up against players without having to take time out, in the middle of the event to do so.

We're also forcing everyone who wants to participate to join the Discord role assigned for the event via bot command. This helps us ensure that we can easily ping everyone who's interested in receiving notifications for the event, and individuals regarding their fight status.(more about this below)

The Rewards
Now, for the part you've all been waiting for...

The reward is per player in team... Not split, per team.
1st Place Team: $350,000 IG Balance.
2nd Place Team: $225,000 IG Balance.
3rd Place Team: $150,000 IG Balance.
4th Place Team: $75,000 IG Balance.

How To Join
In order to become part of the competition, you must join the discord role for the event by using "-role boat".

We're enforcing this, so we have an easy and for sure way of pinging everyone involved in the event.

It also grants you access to the boatjoust channel, where you can talk with others who are interested in building a duo.

Via discord, we will likely provide a google form link, where users can sign up with their teammates... And we can begin the construction of the bracket spreadsheet.

If you've got any additional questions that weren't answered above, feel free to @staff, or @sid on the discord.

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