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DombuRespect - Staff Application
Dear, Everyone

Hi, You may know be by the name of OfDucky, Ducky Or my ign DombuRespect, My real name is Nicholas William Hartmann, I go a Middle school and I help people also, In-Game i help build,Navigate and more, I'm very Passionate about helping others because i believe all should be treats equal.  Now your most likely asking What can he do for us! Well i can help out new members that need help navigating and altogether learning the rules of the server and how to play Ottercraft.  I would like to become staff because, I just love helping! Its a necessity to life in my opinion because, it relieves stress for me and helps other while doing so,  and i'm normally on from 4:30 or 5:00 to 9 O' clock, I've been playing Minecraft for around 6 years maybe 7, I have moderated on a few other servers, and have been very useful to the owners/Players and even other staff (I trained some staff) Also if you would like to know how to contact me ask me through discord please my name on discord is Zosoi, and yes I just said that but i mean like E-Mail or snapchat, I mainly don't wanna get to many people adding me on snapchat. Peace out - DombuRespect
Hey there Ducky.

I appreciate your well thought-out application. Typically we are looking for players who are out of school, and make rare exceptions for high-school students. We do this to ensure that our staff have developed respect, and the proper social skills a staff member requires.

Thanks for your application, I'll be closing this thread for now.
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