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Ciaran’s Staff Application
Dear Sid and staff of OtterCraft,

Salutations! My actual name is Shelby  but I go by as Lord’s Blade Ciaran in game and as you know I have been hanging around the server for a while and have left for a long time due to my other gaming interests. But now I feel totally committed to Minecraft and the server because basically you guys are all nice and we are a huge family in Ottercraft. As you might already know I’m a huge gamer and have been since age 3 thanks to my Fathers passion about video games and anime such as overwatch Darksouls and Bloodborne (Praise the sun) and other games, I’m also into musicals and music itself, I used to play the piano, violin, viola, and cello because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to play more, I ended up playing the violin and two other instruments that are tacky such as the Melodica and a Occarina. I guess you could also say I have been playing Minecraft for years since I was 11 and my little 12 year old sister as well. I am 17 and will be 18 on September 17th and yeah, enough about myself.

The main and pure reason I want to be a mod is because the increase of new players coming onto the server and how they have been needing help starting off with the commands and such and I’m happy to help, not just that but I noticed a lot of grieffing happening and I will calmly take care of it, I hate how it happens but it does, just like grief town , besides that, I will be enforcing the rules and making sure players are being fair.

As for past experiences with moderator and staff member, I used to play a certain server when I first started to play Minecraft online. I became friends with the owner and the other people there and even after the server has shifted a lot, I never signed up for staff however or donated, I was just like a reoccurring resident. However being honest I have no experience with being a mod or staff but I would like to very much, Ive seen what the mods on our server have done and how they handle situations calmly, and I think I’m old enough and mature enough to handle these things and will take on this responsibility with my life depending on it. I am a very responsible person, I may not have that good grades but I can take on any task since I’m so actively involved with the server.

Now times I would be on varies from 2:30 PM or 5(or 6 depending) PM (EST. American time) during the week days, and would most likely change over the summer as it is now arriving and knowing the server gets a lot busier over the summer I see why you would need help with managing the server. 

Anyways, thank you for taking your time to read over my staff application I love you guys all like family and would do anything to protect and keep order in my family.

with care and pure honesty
~Lord’s Blade Ciaran/LyraTheEspeonX3/ Shelby

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