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Moderator Application
Hello, my name is Aquiles Campos in IRL, I am 15 years of age. My passion is usually
just to play games. My ultimate goal in life is to become a successful video game developer.
Yet so far all I know currently is some LUA/Python. Well, although I might have a piece of
lacking grammar at sometimes, I think I should be apart of the community so I can be able
to spread positive cheer to others. Although this community is already pretty close; I will like the
community to become even closer, by developing a friendship with my fellow staff members.
I want to be apart of the staff team because I feel like this community is really nice
and I enjoy this Minecraft server as a whole. I will mostly be online most to all of the time
unless there is a family emergency if I have a very important test at school etc. I have moderation
experience on another Minecraft server (Head - Moderator) I am also the current Super Admin for a
Roblox game, along with a {HR}Superintendent in another Roblox game. I wish I can expand my career
as these administrative positions so I can be able to also spread security to games. To conclude, if you
read this and accept me, thank you for the thing that I thought to be unlikely! Smile

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