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Mod app
Obviously, we want to know more about you... What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?

hello my name is Brendan I am 16, and i currently live in Rhode Island and i am in high school. What I love most is video games, from first person shooters like Cod and battle to more RPG games like minecraft.

What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?

One of my favorite things to do in minecraft is to build and help the community by keeping the server calm and more of a joined community. trying to prevent fights and punish people that grief. this is by far my favorite server and i would do anything to make the server to the best that it can be and help it to grow bigger and bigger!

Why do you want to be part of staff?

Being part of the staff would benefit the server and give you and the community of otter craft a helping hand. and i have experience from being on the server sence feb of last year (a little over 2 weeks after the server was started) and i feel like i can share that experience 
What are the times you are usually online?

Im usually online most of the day( if not the whole day) On the weekends and as soon as i can after school on the weekdays.

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)?

I have been playing minecraft for 7? fun years. i have co owned some servers that my friends started and been mod on many servers on minecraft and other games.

my ign: virtualNinja22 (was changed from awesomebrendan) 
Brendan Big Grin

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