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Staff Application
My name is Aidan! I'm a minor, but graduated High School quite some time ago at the age of 14, so I have tons of time to dedicate to the server. I play a ton of video games, I enjoy studying, spending time with my friends around Los Angeles, etc. I'm really passionate about the arts. computer science, and just about anything I read in a book. 

What can I bring to the community? Well, I think I've already done a considerable amount of work for the community so far: Working on public projects, Ellisnar, Emberholde, helping new players with building. But as a builder there's only so much I can do. I already do the most I can as a builder. I've been active since July 2017 and am well known by a number of the community. 

Why do I want to be staff? Well, I'm very active, and I love this server. I feel as though me becoming mod will be a win-win. I spend an incredible amount of time dedicated to the server and I think becoming a mod will enable me to make it a better environment.

What times am I normally online? I've been on at-least once a week, mostly everyday for around year now. 

How long have I been playing Minecraft? Around six years now, I have been a moderator on twitch before, But no real power besides coming a builder on Otter.

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