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Mod Application
To whomever is reading this thread,

My name is Ashley, I prefer to be called Ash, with my in game name is AshFTA. I am currently in high school, and am passionate about video games!

By becoming a mod, I can help players with anything they need, I can bring joy and humor to the server as well.

The reason why I want to be staff is because I love to help out others, and want to give back to the great OtterCraft community.

The times I am usually online is between 10 AM to roughly 9 PM (EST), and most days of the week.

I've been playing Minecraft roughly since 2011, so I would say i've been playing Minecraft for considerably a long time. Other experience i've had in the past is different ranges of staff on my brother's past servers (from Helper to Head Admin), as well as Helper on some of my friend's old servers.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day for reading this thread!

Good luck Ash!! Ash would be a great Mod!

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