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Staff Application
Dear Mr Engel,

About Me:
Salutations! My name is Owen aka PufferfishRoger, I am a 17 year old currently living in Western Canada. I am an Honours Drama student and the lead Tenor in Concert Choir (Graduating 1 year early). I am a Junior Supervisor at my job at A&W and have worked for 1 years. For that position I went through rigorous training and trials and tests. I am a avid reader of Manga's, Computer coder, and video gamer.

What I Will Do For The Server And Its users:
I have been on many servers in my many years of playing Video games they are all different, but the painful soul crushing of logging on and finding everything you worked for gone is their for the most of it. If accepted guarantee I will bring the justice of the staff down on these horrific traitors that every server should never have, specifically a growing, and kind server such as Ottercraft. If I am accepted to the position of Moderator or Admin,I will be sure that crimes against all members of the community are resolved swiftly and fairly.

Why? Why do I want to join the staff so much?:
I want to be a part of the OtterStaff (Sick name right?) because I want to ensure that the hopes and dreams of the community are protected from wrong doings and that the work of the players is safe. On Ottercraft I am the owner of the Turtle Ranch (40 Turtles and growing!) What started as a incubator turned into a peaceful mass of over-population and ever terrifying army. I would hate to see that my army be annihilated by a deranged troll. The Ranch of course is just one of the hundreds of dozens of player made places and to see them gone would crush me and to witness the server fall as well would kill me, but I wouldn't let it. Ottercraft is slowly becoming apart of my life and a second family. I would never want to see it fall. If I am gifted the position as Mod or Admin I will promise that it will become an empire of friendliness, happiness and a place that every enjoys.

The Times That I Am Online:
I will be able to get on pretty much whenever, I will inform both the Staff and the players of my absence of any particular day of any particular week. Once school starts back up, I hopefully will be on Monday-Fridays after 5pm for maybe a hour and a half or two hours (Depends on the amount of schoolwork needed to get done). However Weekends will be a  bit odd for time predictions for I have work then and the aforementioned schoolwork. So to recap: Mon- Fri after 5:00pm -11:00 pm PT and the Weekends whenever I can.

How Long Have I Been Involved In Minecraft:
I have been playing Minecraft since 13 September, 2012, I have always wanted to make my own world and play with friends, however that intelligence is just beyond my reach and getting further away. As mentioned before of A&W Supervisor I am well suited for a leadership so I would thrive as a Staff member. I am not entirely familiar with the different positions of OtterStaff (Still Cool) however a Moderator (quite moderate actually, BADUMM TSK) would be fine (If I am accepted of course.) However if you are in need of a higher position such as Admin (or maybe even Lower) I am not picky and I respect you, your work and your choices.

Final Remark:
I won't just provide Ottercraft with my time and help toward the community, but also my ideas and plans in matters of the future of the server, I will try if needed to provide any needed extra advice and opinion for the Staff. I hope you take my application for Moderator or Admin into consideration and I will be looking forward for your response. Many thanks for your time and for reading!

Sincerely Yours,
Owen (PufferfishRoger)   (Sorry for any mistakes and all the bad jokes and anecdotes).

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