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Staff Application
Dear Sid guy,

About Me:
     I'm Hirotaki, aka Nate. I'm from the south end of the Chicagoland area, am 32 years old, own my own business doing property maintenance, love to wrench and ride on most things with a motor, and I'm an aspiring Ficus tree.

What I Will Do For The Server And Its users:
    I come to you with the knowledge of someone who's been around for awhile and doesn't always see things as black and white. I believe there is nuance in every situation and most times people just need to talk about whats happened to find a solution. If accepted I'd uphold the rules of Ottercraft and the make sure, to my ability, that all of our members are enjoying themselves and not subject to toxic behavior. 

Why do I want to join the staff:
     I feel that there is a lack of staff representation in a lot of time frames that I'm on and I'd like to fill that niche. A lot of the time when playing people abuse the fact that no one is one with a [Mod] or [Admin] tag and tend to get very annoying in text, or just downright abusive. I feel I can help fill this small gap in your otherwise well formed staff wall of justice.

The Times That I Am Online:
    I can be on anytime I want to be on really. I only work 3 days a week now and most of that is clerical or machine operating for just a few hours. Most people who know me on the server know that I'm on quite a bit and would be willing to get on if needed to handle most situations, to my ability.

How Long Have I Been Involved In Minecraft:
    I've been playing Minecraft since about winter of late 09' or early 10'. Before that, by a couple years, it was Legos, so I've been in the block game for many, many years.

Final Remark:
    Not only will I give my best judgement and thought to my hopefully appointed future position, but I'll try to make Ottercraft a better place through my leadership to maintain the peace, safety, and order of the community. Thank-you for your consideration and for reading and remember, I can be your Hiro  Big Grin

      Sincerely Yours,
      Nate - Hirotaki
Excellent application,
I've messaged you via Discord!
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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