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Staff Application
About Me
Hello, my name is Josh (username spencer16717), I’m 19 years old and I’m from Texas. I’m currently a freshman in college pursuing business entrepreneurship and corporate innovation, and I’m involved in the marching band at my university. I’ve been in marching band for about five years now as a percussionist. One of the biggest passions in my life has always been music, and band serves as one of the outlets for that passion, along with the guitar. 
What I Will Provide For The Server And Its Players
With our staff constantly evolving and growing, I think it is becoming increasingly important that we have a staff member online as much as possible. Now that I’ve moved into college, my schedule has become limited in some ways, but flexible in others. For example, I could be online during the day when many others are at work or school due to the long breaks between some of my classes. Along with flexible availability, I will aim to maintain the integrity and well-being of the server and the community as a whole.
One noteworthy aspect of a good Moderator or Admin is their sense of when to have fun and when to do their job. But I think it can go a step further than that; I believe the job of a staff member can be fun and responsible at the same time. “Good Cop, Bad Cop” shouldn’t apply to staff members, as they should be able to embody both and ultimately be a responsible, fun Moderator or Admin and member of the community. I will strive to find this balance as a member of the Staff.
Why I Want To Be A Part Of The Staff
As part of the build team, I’ve been able to help the staff and the newer players in some ways, but there have been times in which my ability to assist them was limited simply because I’m a Builder, not a Moderator. I would like to be able to capitalize on those opportunities to help players and take on the responsibilities that come with being a Moderator. One of those responsibilities would be preventing things such as grief and thievery. Most of the server would recognize me as a builder of Ellisnar, where I have spent the majority of my time as a Builder for the past several months. Despite the fact that it is a protected city, those with permissions to access it have stolen or griefed before, and it will surely happen again. I want to be there to provide justice to those players in those instances. 
The Times That I Am Usually Online
As stated above, my schedule is limited in some ways and flexible in others. For example, if we’re in finals or mid-terms season, I’ll be off studying. But with marching band slowing down and mid-terms behind us, my schedule is beginning to open up. This allows me to be online interacting more with the community. So when exactly would I be available? Evenings are a sure bet for me, but I’m also online in the morning and afternoon frequently throughout the week. 
How Long I’ve Been Playing Minecraft, Leadership Experiences
I’ve been playing Minecraft since October 2012, and in my time playing this game I’ve owned my own server, moderated in others, and been builder for two servers including Ottercraft. All of these experiences have greatly improved my leadership abilities and increased my knowledge of some technical aspects of servers.
Final Remarks
Not only will I provide Ottercraft with my assistance and time toward the community, but I also hope to provide an objective voice in discussions regarding the development of the server as a whole. As a Builder, I was able to help the server grow within the world, but as a Moderator, I will help the community continue to maintain and grow its status as a great outlet for its players and as a medium for friendships to thrive. Thank you for considering my application for Moderator, and thank you for your time and patience.

Sincerely Yours,
Josh - spencer16717
Great application, we are looking for one more Mod at the moment, will keep you updated.
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