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Staff Application -- Chelle
     My username is Chellizard, and I've been dubbed, and I quote, "Chellizard, the  internet born, Mother of Nerds, first of her name, Queen of the Gamers, and Roleplayers." But people call me Chelle. I work full time as a NCMA at a Pediatric Urgent care. 

    I'm exactly 25 years of age, hail from the land of Oranges and Retired folk, and I've been playing Minecraft since Alpha. I own and manage a semi-popular Superhero RP themed role playing forum found here. It's been up and running since 2008; we just celebrated our 10 year anniversary this passed July. (: I was also a member of the Planetminecraft Staff at one point in time, and I was a founding member of the avid build team named Shapescape - we were partnered with Microsoft just before I retired from building as a job. So I've got the experience required.

    Life comes with all sorts of obstacles, and one of them is finding the ability to compartmentalize situations. It does take discipline, but I am assertive in my declaration that I am capable of putting aside any issues I may find or have with any players on the server in order to bring peace, and justice for all. 

     I always find that at least one staff member online at all times can make or break a server. Sometimes people find solace in staff members being around, even if they're AFK for part of the time of them being logged on; it just means that users are capable of reaching them. I feel as though I am on more often, and I quite enjoy the community from what I've experienced so far.

I also doubt that you need staff at this point, so I'm opening the door for you to consider me as part of the team. 

      Stay golden,

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