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Mod Application
Hello! My in-game name is UglyDuckling_Jay, my nickname is Mr. Quackers.

My Credentials:
I was born December 6th, my age being 14. I know I may be a bit young, but I feel I'm mature enough to be apart of an amazing team like the Ottercraft Staff Team.
I have been playing Minecraft for around 5 years of my life, and have been playing Ottercraft for around 2-3 months now. I am active every single day,  and even more on the weekends.

Why Me?
I have been around this wonderful community and I think I can help more then just buying a rank. I feel I can give so much more then just money, I can give my kindness and maturity to a place that I feel I belong in. It'd be a wonder to work with such an amazing owner, and an amazing build team to pair.
I have 3 brothers, me being the oldest. I am usually the one putting a stop to all the madness that goes on.

What do I offer?
I offer plenty of skills that are needed to be apart of the wonderful staff of Ottercraft (see what I did there?). I offer kindness, I respect those who respect me, and feel that I can get strict if necessary. Discipline is something not all people have. I, however, am one of those who can control my actions and act, drink, and move responsibly. I  will treat others how they need to be treated. I also have recording software in case I need evidence to ban someone.

Being Active:
I can be active around everyday, from around 4:30 to 7 on weekdays and 10 AM-12 AM on weekends. With this schedule, the server can be controlled within all hours of a day. I live in the CST timezone, in Texas.

Thank you for allowing me to apply,

Great formatting on this application,

We're looking for one more mod at the moment, however... Generally we try and bring in staff members a bit older.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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