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Staff Application
To whom it may concern,

Who I Am
My in game name is ztg123, Zach otherwise. I am 20 years old from Kentucky, I currently work for a Utility company full time while attending school online for Electrical Engineering part time online and am an aspiring Professional Engineer after school. I have been playing Minecraft for 7 years, since 1.0.

What I Will Bring
In the past I have been a moderator for 2 servers in the past, though I cannot recall their name, with a tenure of no less than a year serving. In a professional setting I understand that a server is similar to a workplace and there are dynamic interactions happening every second and therefore every situation must be taken from a clear and understanding viewpoint of both sides to obtain a resolution to the issues at hand while being upholding ethical and moral standards. As with past experience, though I am a little rusty, I believe I can bring fair judgement to situations that may arise providing deliberation to other unsure staff members when they be unsure of what is the correct action that needs to be taken.

Why I Want to Join the Team
There are times in which I have noticed issues being created and there is no staff member online to help or that all others are busy and I would be willing to help, since most of the time I am not doing much but waiting for sheep to eat grass or my crops to grow.

Online Time
As previously expressed I work full time and work on school part time but I am mainly on in the afternoons and weekends. No less than 18 hours a week online, mostly from weekend online time. However, during school breaks I will be more readily available in the afternoons as school will not be in session.

Final Comments
I hope you will consider me for a part of the Ottercraft team as I look forward to working with everyone to create and preserve a community in which everyone can enjoy their time spent playing. I am willing to work with anyone on any issue, it is what I do everyday at work anyways.

Zach - ztg123
Great application, we are looking for one more Mod at the moment, will keep you updated.
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