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Mod Application
Dear Sid,

About Me: 
Hi I'm Andrew, Aka FarmerMoonShine. I am from England United Kingdom.

What I Will do for the Server and the Community:
I have no previous experience being a mod But I have a whole lot of free time and i'm keen to learn new things , I will hold everyone accountable for their actions, while at the same time taking into consideration the severity of the incident/problem when it arises.  I know the responsibility that comes with being Staff and I will help users that need it whenever i am available witch looking at my server time is a hella lot.

Why do I Want to Join Staff:
I've noticed we are not able to keep the server staffed for all the time periods that players are online and as a consequence of that we have had a number of unpleasant happening both in chat and out in the wild. I feel there should be a more active staff presence online to offer the best experience for the players. 

Times That I am not Online:
 When i'm sleeping and driving, Im mostly active all day most days GMT Time, if not playing/building then just chatting and helping people where i can.

How Long Have I Been On Minecraft:
I've been playing since 1.7 and i've been on ottercraft since The latest restart.

Thank you for taking the time to read my application, and hopefully you will consider making me part of the team.

Many Thanks Andrew Moon

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