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Moving Forward
Now that our host situation is all sorted out, and I have my machine back...
It's time to continue progressing, and moving forward.

We are going to continue running 24/7, bumping everyday, and continuing to expand player, by player.

There are going to be a few more tweaks to our server within the next few weeks, just to perfect it in the eye's of our players.

We have already:
Added a sit plugin.
Removed clearlaggs auto removal.
Customized the motd.
Hired on a new staff member.
Added a pvp arena.

This weekend I plan on:
Fixing the prefixes on the tab list. DONE
Possibly adding back, or finding an alternative to the stables plugin
Adding back, player particles(vip function).  DONE

This month I expect to see some major growth. Maybe at the end, we can even run another server! Creative maybe? Who knows?

Hope you all enjoy, recommend changes to us that you want to see.

Happy surviving!
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