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Staff Application
Thanks Sid and staff for taking the time to read my application fora a staff position.

What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?
First off my name is Tyler I am 15 years old and am a freshman in high school with love for video games and interacting with communities. Online I like to have the username Blob666666 but use the nickname Shadow as my name because to me they always seemed to be unpredictable which is an aspect of my personality that has been there my whole life. I like to think of myself as funny guy but people have had mixed feeling about my comedy sometimes. I love mine craft and have been playing since 6.6, and I know that dean't like a long time but I like i know the ins and outs of everything there is to know, Except Pro Red Stone but seriously how many people do.

What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)?
If I became a staff member I would be a very interactive member of the staff that would solve problems for the players or just be a friend to players who want advice or just have a conversation. I would help with problems like glitching, griefing, and  the stealing of players items. I could bring positivity to the players of the server or just cheer them up if they are having a bad day.

Why do you want to be part of staff?
I would like to be apart of the OtterCraft Staff because i have been playing this server for a few weeks now and I have met the community and I feel like i could help the community by not letting racism or bullying effect the people that play on the server because its not fair if they are being put down by on one person and making their experience bad. I would ban only when necessary to make sure the server is always fun and exciting to play.

What are the times you are usually online?
I Usually am availible from 2:15 pm to 12:00 am on weekdays, while on weekends the time is not a question I can be on as long as wanted or needed. But If actual time is needed for this than on weekends than 7:00 am to 2:00 am. All the times used are in Eastern Standard Time.

How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)?
I have been playing Minecraft for about 5 years now and know mostly everything there is know except the red stone which I have said previously. On Minecraft I have Co-Owned 3 three servers 2 of which have been shut down for financial reasons but the last one comes online once in a while called Blade Craft. I have also owned my own CS:GO server but it has ceased to exist because of financial reasons, other than that the only thing that i have owned a server on was Battle Field 4 and it is still active.

Other Info
I can be contacted at my twitter, email, skype, Discord- Shadow, or any of the other sites or apps I am mostly availible but i am not going to disclose publicly for security reasons but you can private message me about any of them  or if you have any additional questions. I am very good friends with Whiggle as you know him and have known each other our entire lives which is how i found your server. I like to support smaller servers because it helps them out a lot in keeping the server running and myself have donate $70 in total to servers which unfortunately have all but shut down but when i saw this server I new that it would last a long time because of its community and if you would let me i would like to bigger part of that community,

Thanks for the Consideration Sid~ Tyler
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