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Staff Application
1. Obviously, we want to know more about you... What's your name, what do you do? What are you passionate about?

Hello, I am a really new and recent player  to OtterCraft. I have been playing on the server for only a matter of days (not really sure) and i have really begun to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of both the server and the staff. Forgive me if it is too soon for me to apply but i felt, why not! My name is Rebellious_Tiger. In real life I go by the name of Ken (yes I am in fact a guy). I'm very passionate about building computers (actually have a side business of building custom PCs), I enjoy fishing, hunting and learning everything I can about computers!

2. What can you bring to our community by becoming a mod(probably where we will start you off at)? 

Having been a moderator as well as an admin to a few servers before ending up here has allowed me to learn a lot about efficiently running a server and good and bad plugins to add to servers. I understand that this is a moderator application but, my ultimate goal would be to move up to the ranks of an Admin or assist to the owner as i feel i would have a lot to offer. I would start with helping fix some of the settings in Essentials, perhaps adding a couple more ranks to allow players unable to purchase or not wanting to purchase supporter/donator ranks to have the ability to "rank up" and work towards a higher status on the server and to also be able to reflect their time on the server. 

Additionally, I would advise adding an auction plugin to allow players to sell their unwanted items to players on the server. With this player interaction would also rise and help boost the community. Another plugin i would highly advise using is "Jobs". With jobs players are able to either break dirt, stone, cut down trees, farm, build (and more) for a set amount of currency and earn cash. Before i go on and on, below is a list of plugins and ideas i would highly recommend using and i am skilled enough in using and configuring (some of these you may already use however, only being a member i am unable to tell what plugins are already in use).
-LIW - (may be spelling it wrong but, allows players to lock doors and chests without signs)
-Jobs - (as stated above, very helpful)
-Holographic Displays (https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/holographic-displays)
-Player shops around the main spawn or having a server shop
-and more! The list goes on but, i dont wish to overdue it to make myself look better (haha)

3. What are the times you are usually online?

I am usually able to be online 3 - 4 times a day for a few hours and most of my weekend (not too much of a out-going person sadly)

4. How long have you been playing Minecraft? Do you have any other server moderation/administration experience(even non-minecraft)? 

I have personally player Minecraft since about 2010, when i first got it on the XBOX 360 (lol) and have been an avid player since. I only recently have gotten into PC/Multiplayer Minecraft in the last two years but have held several Moderator/Admin positions, most recently Craftblock. Although the owner and i did not see eye to eye and ultimately ended up stepping down for several reasons I learned alot from Admining that server and would love to offer my services to help this community grow. If you feel my services are not needed as an Admin i would love to offer my help as a sort of "Builder/Designer" to help build a much better server spawn! 

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