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Mod application
Hello, my name is Chris! I am currently 14 and I do not have a job. I play soccer or (Football), I like video games, and I enjoy the community of your server. I would love to be one of the nice moderators that either moderates chat or catches hackers. I would like to be part of your staff because I have been on your server for a bit, love the community and just want to help. I'm usually on from 5 PM to about 7 or 8 PM. (Weekends I may be on earlier.) I have been playing Minecraft for about 4 or 5 years. I used to own a 1.7.10 server but sadly didn't want to pay monthly. For those reasons I would love to be part of your staff. Get back to me ASAP. Thank you!

My IGN is PenguinGalaxy if you need to know Smile

-Sincerely Chris.

I could be on Otter craft more often maybe like 3-4 hours sometimes Smile

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