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Everything About [Vip]
Hi there survivor,

Just about every server now-a-days have a donor function. It's essential for generating the funds to fuel the server. So, in order to help pay for hosting, and other server expenses, we have [Vip] group.

You can obtain access to this group by buying it, for $5.00 USD. Just, a small price to obtain some key and useful features for life.

What does it come with?
5 /Home Teleports
Access To /Nick, Allowing You To Change Your Display Name, At Any Time.
Access To Use Colors In Chat And Messages.
The [Vip] Prefix.
Access To Particle Effects, "/pp".
Access To "/Hat", So You Can Put A Block On Your Head.
Access to "/me", for your rollplaying needs.
Exemption To AFK Kick.
Access To "/Seen", To See When A Buddy Was Last On.
$2,500 In-Game Money.

ONE TIME Access To The [Vip] Kit, which gives you diamonds, saddles, and some other goodies!

 If you are interested in purchasing our [Vip] plan, or checking out our other packages, visit our BuyCraft Shop.
[Image: LlpaiAf.png]

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