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Scept's Staff Application
My name is Kenzie. My hobbies are art, marching band (Tuba), video games, basketball, and school. I also really enjoy doing my own thing. I would love to help moderate because I really enjoy helping people and bringing happiness to the community. I could do anything from moderate chat, to build new public areas. Minecraft is very important to me, the rules are my priority. I first found out about Minecraft when my cousin taught me how to build. I spent a countless amount building, surviving, and discovering. This was around the release of 1.3. I played all the time, and then abruptly stopped when I found basketball. As I continued to play basketball, I slowly went back to playing Minecraft too. Servers came to light for me when horses were released, and I eventually moderated on a couple of them. Now, I can play around 4-5 hours a day on weekends, and 2 hours if that during the week. I hope that I can be a bigger part of this wonderful community!
Big Grin

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