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Well sid i know u have temp banned me alot and i have no exuses for that but i would really like to be a staff member i take things very seriously i promise i would never ban someone for nothing or do anything stupid. You may not know but i play on your server alot and its one of my favorites! My name is aidan luallen i play minecraft alot im a big nerd with video games. The reason i would really like to be a staff member is because i like the idea of it and i like having a little bit of power but i dont go cray with it also there are some griefings that the staff doesn't know about theirs none that i know of right now but if i find one ill tell you. I also think i would be a good bennefit to your server because i play on it alot and because ide be watching people alot and seeing what they are doing. I hope you read this and maybe think about adding me as one of your staff members thanks! by the way my username for minecraft is SparklyFoxx
Yikes, I'm sorry. But, that history you have shows a lack of discipline. I'm not sure if you'll have a shot with that track record. However, I appreciate the application.
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